Dear Diary

Outtakes 160

Dear Diary

By Cait Collins

Like most young ladies of my generation, I kept a diary. I’m sure the things I wrote were important. But what is important to a child of 12 or 13 may have little significance when the girl is 25, or 40 or 60. I’ve made every effort to go through all of my journals and destroy the writings I would not want others to see. After all, the purpose of a diary is to have a repository for the deepest secrets of the heart.

But what if I were to overlook the book with my most intimate thoughts? What if an enemy or the one I love most were to find those writings? What if the words were posted on Facebook?

This is your writing assignment. “I would just die if anyone ever saw this diary entry.” The entry may be an embarrassing moment or the darkest day in your life. And if you’ve never kept a journal, make something up. After all, we’re writers.

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