Recycled Books

Recycled Books

by Natalie Bright

We took a detour off of Highway 380 last week on our way to Dallas to explore Recycled Books in Denton, Texas.

Rising above one corner of a charming and thriving downtown square in Denton, the former opera house is filled to the brim with previously owned entertainment. Yes, this building is old, and the musty smell of dust and yellowed pages only adds to the experience while exploring this 17,000 square foot store. You’ll discover shelf after shelf through row after row, as you twist and turn on three floors. Hand-lettered posters identify the genre section. Shelves are clearly labeled by topic with sub-headings, including a few topics you may not have even considered. They also have a rare book area, accessed by appointment and only if accompanied by a staff member.

The basement is all nonfiction, and they had an entire shelf of Colonial America to aide me with my current WIP research. I prefer first hand accounts and journals, and I was not disappointed.  My oldest son is drawn to those huge military history coffee table books, and his stack was as tall as mine. A few were several dollars, older publications a few dollars more, but we came away with two sacks of books with nothing priced over $10.

The basement houses a treasure of nonfiction books.

If you’re ever in the area, stop by Recycled Books in Denton. You might find a few treasures of your own.

For more information, visit their website:

To see pictures, visit my blog at and click on the “Recycled Books” article.

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