End of Season

Outtakes 164

End of Season

By Cait Collins

I checked my calendar this morning and was again hit by the passage of time. The year of 2014 is speeding away. With September just a few days away, it’s time to review my goals and see how much or how little I have accomplished toward my writing career. I’m further along than I thought, but not a far as I had hoped.

I have completed my short memoir First Love Forever Love. It will be mailed to my beta readers this week. The cover shot has been chosen and a marketing plan in progress. But first, I have to sell it. Therefore, I have a list of agents and publishers to contact. Now the real work begins.

Work on the final edits of How Do You Like Me Now continue. I was told the book would not sell as a novella; so make it a novel. It’s much more difficult to add to a work than to subtract. I added too much, now I have to cut. I hope to have the novel ready for the beta readers early in 2015.

There are unfinished items on my list. I do not have my website set up, nor have I created an author page on Face Book. My blogs have not been moved to OneNote. And I still need to get in my study and clean out boxes and files. But there are still four months left in the year. I, we, still have time to work on those goals. The purpose of goals is to help organize and focus on our writing careers. We may not accomplish everything, but steps taken get us to being published. With that in mind, stay focused and write.

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