It’s the Little Things

It’s the Little Things

by Adam Huddleston


It’s the little things that stick with you. My wife and I just returned from an anniversary trip to Omaha, Nebraska. We heard they had a wonderful zoo and children’s museum so we took the kids with us as well. While there are a ton of memories I will always cherish, there were many small events here and there that made the trip most memorable. Although these tidbits may not make an entire story on their own, they can be woven into my prose, making it much more meaningful.

Memories like: the feeling of cold, sticky orange juice running down my leg after my three-year old spilled his drink at the hotel’s free hot breakfast, my children’s laughter after seeing a primate’s hairless bottom, the rich, creamy texture of a slice of cheesecake for dessert one night, and the constant hum of the road under my tires as the white dashes seemed to come at me forever.

Observe the world around you during your daily activities. While many events might seem insignificant, they can make a big impact on your work.

Happy writing!

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