The Writing Space

The Writing Space

by Adam Huddleston


Every writer who ever used pen and paper, a typewriter, or a computer, needed a space to write in. The locations are as varied as the individuals creating the work. This week, I would like to share with you my writing space and why it works for me.

The ideal locale to create in is one with little distraction. Generally speaking, the human mind can only concentrate sharply on one item at a time. I would like to say that my home is the quietest, most peaceful place in my life, but with four lovely, energetic children, it can be anything but. I mean, who can deny a beautiful one-year daughter when she crawls to you and stretches out her arms? Exactly.

So, I have found that the best space for me to write in is my computer station at work. As a pharmacist, I stand in front of a monitor all day. While there are ringing phones and medical questions to distract me (it is my job after all), I still find a few breaks in the action to get some writing work done. Maybe having my brain warmed-up helps with the creative process. I also find that interacting with the general public provides me with a plethora of character ideas.

My advice is to try writing in a few different places and see which locale works best for you.

Happy writing!

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