by Adam Huddleston


It may not be the hallmark of all great writers, but I’ll bet it pokes its little head around the corner in the minds of most. It’s easy to do, and if done frequently, it can lead to a serious backlog of work. So, what can be done to curtail this bane of efficiency? As it pertains to writing, I believe there are two main weapons:

  1. There are a plethora of tools available to help a writer keep on track. Most smartphone and computer software has scheduling options that will send alerts at specified times. One writer’s software I’ve used in the past and highly recommend is Scrivener. You can set a certain word count and deadline and it will calculate how many words per day are needed. Very helpful!
  2. Fellow writers. It can be quite beneficial to have other writers’ encouragement when you have a project that needs to be finished. They are usually in the same boat and can easily relate.

Hopefully you can use these tools to help meet deadlines easier. Happy writing!


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