Getting Unstuck

Outtakes 211

Getting Unstuck

by Cait Collins

So you’re getting ready to write your very first love scene. The problem is your characters don’t know each other that well. The young lady is not very experienced, and while the gentleman portrays himself as worldly, it’s all a bluff. He is very principled and truly believes in love. You’re having problems writing the scene.

Maybe the answer to your problem is in your past.

Think back to your first make-out session. Or your first real encounter. How nervous were you? What about the first kiss. Were your palms sweaty? Was the experience a pleasant memory or a disaster? Relive the grins, the groans, and the giggles. Gather every memory of event and write your scene. Remember, the first time probably wasn’t all that romantic and sexy, but did it stop you from trying to make it better the next time?

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