Rookie Mistakes in Writing

Rookie Mistakes in Writing

by Adam Huddleston


As an aspiring writer, I am well acquainted with the myriad of mistakes that a young scribe can make (and truth be told, I still make them all the time). These can range from poor word selection to inappropriate story pacing. For the newbie like me, here are a few pitfalls to avoid:

  1. Don’t over/underuse adverbs and adjectives. Descriptions are wonderful for your writing, they make the scene stand off the page, but using too many will bog the story down and lead to a weak overall reading experience. Instead, opt for a sharper word selection.
  2. Alter sentence length depending on the events in the story. Exposition can afford to be a bit longer but action scenes should contain quick, powerful sentences that drive the narrative forward.
  3. Keep your promises. If you lead the reader to believe something concerning a character or event, make sure you stay true to it or the reader will feel cheated. For example, if you imply that the antagonist is planning something evil and dangerous for the hero, have him do it! Also, if your story has a twist ending, make sure it is still a reasonable one. Avoid the deus ex machina.


Hopefully, you will find these helpful in your writing!

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