Encouraging Others to Write

Encouraging Others to Write

by Adam Huddleston


So, you’re a writer. Or, like me, you at least attempt to be one. You spend a good deal of energy in the creation of a literary work in the hopes that it will make you rich and famous; or maybe brighten someone’s day. My question to you is: Do you ever encourage others to write?

Personally speaking, there are two types of people that I would like to see writing more. The first are my children. They know that “Daddy” is a writer and has even had a few flash fiction stories published. My oldest has created a few basic stories mostly concerned with he and his best friends fighting crime in and around our town. I praise him constantly for his efforts and encourage him to keep up the good work.

The second of my babies has even begun writing a few elementary stories. Her spelling is atrocious and the tales are quite basic, but guess what, I couldn’t care less. I fills my heart with joy and tends to bring a tear to my eye to see my kids imitating dear old Dad. I hope and pray that they continue to.

The other group of folks I encourage to write are those who are interested in writing short fiction. As a moderator of www.site.flashfiction5.com, I would love to see more people participate each month. It is completely free, it strengthens your writing skills, and is a lot of fun! If you are reading this right now, open up another window in your browser, type in the web address above, and embrace a literary nirvana.

Happy writing!

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