Bad Language

Bad Language

by Adam Huddleston


Relax folks. This blog is not an argument for or against the use of obscene language in writing. I simply wanted to give a quick reminder about the differences between profanity, cursing, swearing, and obscenities. Although most of us lump these words together, they technically mean different things. These are definitions procured from the Encarta Dictionary.

  1. Profanity-language or behavior that shows disrespect for God, any deity, or religion
  2. Curse-to appeal to God or any deity for harm to come to somebody or something
  3. Swear-to make a solemn promise or oath, sometimes calling somebody or something thought to be sacred as a witness
  4. Obscene-offensive to conventional standards of decency, especially by being sexually explicit

Whether or not you choose to use foul language in your writing is a topic for another blog. Maybe we’ll investigate that in the future. Happy writing!

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