Writing in “Dr. No”

Writing in “Dr. No”

by Adam Huddleston

In my last blog, I mentioned how I was planning to watch all of the James Bond movies in chronological order and try to analyze the writing in each. Although I did not plan on making this a continuing blog, I figured, “why not?”

The first movie in the series is “Dr. No”. Filmed in 1962 and starring Sean Connery as 007, the motion picture is quite entertaining. It introduces many aspects of the “Bond” series that will be seen in future installments. These include his preference for martinis that are shaken, not stirred, an opening credits that incorporates a camera shot down the barrel of a gun, and of course, the always beautiful “Bond-girl”.

As far as writing goes, it was fairly well done. Being a British film, a lot of the dialogue included British terms and phrases. Each character’s lines (their voice) were distinct. Overall it was a very fun movie.

Next week: “From Russia with Love”

2 thoughts on “Writing in “Dr. No”

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  2. Interesting how the character had those distinguishable trademarks early on. Great idea for a blog series. Looking forward to your reviews.

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