Writing in “Thunderball”

Writing in “Thunderball”

by Adam Huddleston


“Thunderball”, the fourth film in the James Bond franchise, stars Sean Connery in the protagonist’s role. The plot of this movie centers on Bond’s attempts to locate and secure a pair of atomic bombs stolen by the evil organization, S.P.E.C.T.R.E. It is eventually discovered that the main antagonist, Emilio Largo, has them stored under his yacht in the Bahamas and is threatening to drop them on an American city, most likely Miami, or somewhere in the United Kingdom. A climactic underwater battle between Bond, aided by the Coast Guard, and Largo’s henchmen ensues. One of the bombs is recaptured by the Coast Guard, and after Largo attempts to escape with the other, he is fatally impaled with a harpoon.

While not one of my personal favorites, “Thunderball” was still an enjoyable movie with decent dialogue and acting. One of my critiques, and one shared by some film critics, is that the underwater scenes seem to take a bit too long. It almost detracts from the flow of the picture. That being said, overall, I would recommend it.

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