Big and Bold

Outtakes 239

Big and Bold

by Cait Collins

I was recently reminded that some characters are larger than life. Last week an old high school friend was in town. He’s a couple of years younger than I, but he has aged well. He still has that line-backer build from high school and makes me feel like an elf when I stand next to him. (Sometimes I really hate being vertically challenged.) His ready laugh keeps everyone happy. He is larger-than-life and has a heart of pure gold.

Tyler Crawford, one of the friends in Three by Three, physically resembles my friend, but the similarity ends there. Tyler is a certified gemologist and gem broker. He is also a prospector and mine owner, running a fee-site from his claim. He is successful in his business dealings, but remains in the past where his heart is concerned. No matter how much money he accumulates, he can not buy back his daughter’s voice. The ten-year old has not spoken since Good Friday five years ago when she found in mother’s body in a pool of blood.

Callie was the love of Tyler’s life. He is unable to move through the grieving process and Sara’s silence hasn’t helped. Realizing his new client, Sean Hawthorne, is none other than his friend Creed Whitley, sends Tyler into a tail spin. He alternates between anger and relief and rage.

Lindy, the gemologist who works with Tyler, goes out of her way to promote the business, but her boss over-looks her. His heart is frozen and he will not be able to look to Lindy until Callie’s murderer is behind bars. And with Samantha Tolliver’s return, will he be able to keep control of his hair-trigger temper?

1 thought on “Big and Bold

  1. I am currently reading Isabel Allende’s magical realism novel The House of Spirits. She too has created a character that ceases speaking following trauma but her protagonist appears to be able to return to speaking when needed. Interesting to encounter another character that is mute and woven to what sounds like a fascinating story.

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