Gotta See

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Gotta See

By Cait Collins


Years ago when the first Harry Potter movie was released and the Lord of the Rings trilogy hit the theaters, my youngest sister’s boys and I began a tradition of seeing these movies together. When the last Harry Potter ended, so did the tradition. By then the young boys were young men and had their own lives.

The older nephew came over to help me put up Christmas decorations in early December and we got to talking about the years we spent going to the movies together. He suggested we go see the new Disney release, Moana. We were finally able to match our schedules and see the movie. The theater was almost sold out, but there was no noise from rowdy kids. The film was so brilliantly produced, the only sound was laughter.

I have always loved Disney movies. I grew up with Darby O’Gill, Old Yeller, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. My first date (at age 6) was a school outing to see Perry the Flying Squirrel. I have found that the productions to be well written, masterfully produced, and ever memorable. Moana is no exception.

A young girl seeks answers for her fascination with the ocean, but she is not allowed to go beyond the reef. She battles to be a good daughter and a good future chief for her village. Her journey is filled with witty dialogue, spiced with beautiful music, and enhanced with magical animation. It is a treat to watch.

I appreciate the new Disney heroines. More recent releases have departed from perfect princesses to flawed young women who must meet challenges and grow to be strong, confident women. Do not misunderstand, I still watch the princesses on the Disney channel and on DVD’s from my movie collection. They are a part of my youth. Aurora, better known as Sleeping Beauty, will always be my favorite princess. But, I’m delighted with the brave, spunky, sarcastic Moana. You really gotta see this movie.

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