Example of Flash Fiction

Example of Flash Fiction

by Adam Huddleston


Years ago, I was a moderator for a flash fiction website. That site was deactivated some time back but there is still a warm place in my heart for that story style. We participated in a monthly competition where a set of words were given that had to be used in the tale. The catch was that the story could be no longer than one-hundred words, but should contain a beginning, middle, and ending. Here is a very quick and basic example:

  1. Cat
  2. House
  3. Dog
  4. Mouse
  5. Kill

A warm sun crested the horizon, waking Serenity, the Harrison family’s cat. His first mission was to traverse the house for his food bowl, taking care to avoid the moronic dog. Once his belly was full, he partook in another lengthy nap. When he felt sufficiently rested, the tabby began his quest for his true arch-nemesis; the dreaded field mouse. After an exhaustive search, Serenity rounded a corner and spotted the fiend. It was now that the cat contradicted his given name, and pounced for the kill. As the sun set, Serenity nestled into his bed, belly full.

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