More Flash Fiction

More Flash Fiction

by Adam Huddleston


Last week, I revisited my authorial roots and presented a very elementary flash fiction story. This week I thought, Why not try it again? If you’re interested, you can play along. The mandatory words are: galactic, vase, intrepid, morose, and final.

Although Terrell’s galactic ship was fast, the flight from Morris-1 to the icy moon of Gatak long. During the wait, the pilot and his saucy wife had plenty of time to argue.

“If you hadn’t stopped for a drink two planets back, we would have been there by now!”

Terrell looked down morosely at the floor between his boots and sighed. Even intrepid explorers like Terrell Gaines were subject to ridicule. He glanced at a vase perched on a nearby table. This was the final straw.

One more complaint and he’d turn that from an ornament to an urn.

Wow, that turned out darker than I expected, but, that’s how writing goes sometimes.

Have a Happy New Year!

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