by Adam Huddleston


I firmly believe that most avid readers are also movie fans. In my opinion, there is often something special about seeing the elements of a good story (plot, setting, and characters) on the screen. It can also be quite enjoyable to see a fellow film aficionado, especially one who is knowledgeable about motion pictures, dissecting said pictures in order to illuminate the varied techniques that lend them their greatness.

One of the websites that provides easy access to this expertise is YouTube. After viewing several pages dedicated to film, I have discovered one that in my opinion is hands-down the crème de la crème; Cinefix.

Where other sites simply give their opinions on why certain films make their “Top Ten” lists, Cinefix goes into terrific detail about them. They explain cinematic techniques, ranging from camera angles to color palettes. After viewing one of their videos, I feel as though I’ve taken a course in film school.

Topics include: The 10 Best Uses of Color in Film, Top 10 Best Character Arcs, Top 10 Best Scenes, and 5 Brilliant Moments of Camera Movement. And this is just a small sampling.

I cannot recommend this YouTube site enough.

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