Navigation Pane in Microsoft Word

Navigation Pane in Microsoft Word

by Adam Huddleston


Hello fellow writers! I have a quick recommendation this week. If you are trying to plot your story, and are working with Microsoft Word, you can organize your draft by utilizing “Headings.” It is very simple to use (and I am not that computer savvy).

Depending on the version of Word that you are using, you can click “View”, then click “Navigation Pane”. This pulls up a separate window on the left side of the screen that allows you to quickly move through your document. By assigning different sections of your story separate headings, you can organize it more efficiently. I use “Heading 1” to create a title for each scene. Then I am able to manipulate where I want my scenes in the story.

There are multitudes of ways to arrange your document, this is just what I’ve found to be most beneficial.

Happy writing!

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