IT Review

IT Review

by Adam Huddleston



So, knowing how much I like to do movie reviews, and my preference for works by Stephen King, how in the world was I going to get by without blogging about this film?

I saw it at the end of last week with a couple of friends, and I must say, it is a fantastic horror movie! The 1990 mini-series starring Tim Curry will always hold a special place in my heart, but the current iteration, with its new special effects and freedom to explore darker themes, takes the story up a notch. The child actors nail all of their parts as well. The dialogue has a perfect mix of terror and humor. Although jump scares have become quite cliché in horror movies, most of these are done very well, even the ones that the audience could see coming from a mile away.

Now, this year’s version of IT, unlike its predecessor, is rated “R”. It is a fairly hard “R”, tamer than some but more violent than others, so be warned.

If horror is your thing, I highly recommend seeing this film. It didn’t set the opening weekend box office record for a horror picture for nothing!

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