Vacation Time

Outtakes 35


Vacation Time

By Cait Collins


Two more weeks and I’m off for ten days. And I am taking off, getting away from it all, and shutting down both the business side and the creative sides of my brain. I need these few days to recharge and regroup. Don’t get me wrong. I love my job, my friends and family. But sometimes I just need some thought-free days.

When you write for business at the office and creative writing in your off hours, sometimes the two worlds collide and both types of writing suffer. Stepping back and ridding yourself of the computer, internet, and the cell phone can clear the cobwebs and allow the business side and the creative side to stop competing and allow you to do both of your jobs better.

So for a few days, I will not open my computer. I will not access my email from my phone. I will not attempt to work on any writing project. I will sightsee and gather memories with my camera. I might make a few notes in my journal, but I will not try to edit my memoir or my next story. It’s free the mind time and I’m going to take full advantage of

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