Snowflake Method (cont.)-B

Snowflake Method (cont.)

by Adam Huddleston


The past couple of weeks, I have been trying out the snowflake method of writing created by Randy Ingermanson.  This week is Step 4: Expand each sentence of the one-paragraph summary into its own paragraph. Here was my summary:

When the Amarillo Yellowjackets find themselves at the bottom of their division, they recruit a mysterious center-fielder in the hopes of turning their season around.  As their luck begins to change, a startling fact becomes apparent; fans are dying at their games. The club manager discovers that his new player is a master of black magic, and is responsible for the tragedies.  When the team makes the championship series, conflict arises between player and coach concerning the fielder’s role on the team. The aftermath of their feud results in the greatest horror yet.

Midway through the 2018 season, the Amarillo Yellowjackets are dead-last in the Southwest division of the American Baseball League.  The teams’ recruiting scout hears rumors of an excellent center fielder playing club ball in east Texas. General manager Stephen Craight quickly recruits him, hoping to at least pull his ball club up to a .500 record.  

Before each game, Dwight Lara, the Yellowjackets’ possible savior, performs a ritual of dark magic.  In order for the spell to work, a human life must be sacrificed, resulting in the death of a fan sometime during the game.  The deaths occur in a variety of ways, and while the public begins to view the Yellowjackets as an “unlucky” team to watch in person, no one suspects their new player.

Craight walks in on Lara before one of their games and witnesses his ritual.  His suddenly puts two and two together and realizes what is causing the fatalities.  Internally, Craight is torn between the horror of the present situation and the possibility of winning the championship.

The team breezes through the remainder of the season and is to play in the championship game.  Just before the game, Lara explains to Craight that he will no longer be performing the ritual.  After losing the argument, Craight secretly tries to complete the spell on his own, even going as far as to have Lara’s son murdered at the ballpark in hopes that the Yellowjackets will win.  

Lara discovers what has happened, and once the game is over, kills Craight in the dugout.  The cheering crowd watches in horror as Lara slowly walks to his position in center field holding the severed head of his general manager.  After casting one final spell, the entire stadium collapses inward, killing everyone in attendance.


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