Elbow Grease Required

Outtakes 358

Elbow Grease Required

By Cait Collins

My co-worker attached a really great saying to her morning report.

Faith doesn’t make things easy.

It makes them possible.

This statement makes sense to me.  It’s not just in reference to religion or philosophy, but also to our dreams and aspirations.  For example, I believe I have the talent to write.  I’ve made my living writing training manuals, commercials, sales handouts, news, and television programs. I know I can write.  I have faith in my talent.  But that belief will do me no good until I act on it.

Maybe I can write.  Maybe I have the words circling through my head and colliding into each other.  However, if I don’t put the words on paper, if I don’t seek to develop my craft success will not be possible.  Yes success is possible, but not without effort on my part.  I have to provide the elbow grease to achieve my goals.

And just because I believe or have faith in my abilities and I apply myself to enhancing my gifts does not ensure success.  There are often outside forces that throw a monkey-wrench into the plan.  Believing in myself, setting reasonable goals, and working toward them makes success possible. We also have to learn to navigate around the roadblocks.

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