Another Story: Step Two

Another Story: Step Two

by Adam Huddleston

Last week, I submitted the tagline for a new story.  This week, I’d like to expand it into a paragraph.  It’s a little clunky, and I know I used the word “mage” much too often, but I wanted to show what the expansion looks like.  

A clandestine mage infiltrates a magical cadre responsible for keeping an extra-dimensional portal closed.  After murdering all but one of the group, the portal opens, releasing several deadly creatures that destroy the village and enter the kingdom.  The surviving mage seeks out and finds the last man with magical powers (the secret mages brother), and he reluctantly agrees to help.  After his magical training, he travels to the portal to close it, but his mentor is killed before reaching their goal.  Digging deep within himself, the new mage defeats the creatures and seals the portal. 

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