My Favorite POV

My Favorite POV

by Adam Huddleston


This month’s blog theme is literary points-of-view (POV). This has little to nothing to do with the writer’s opinions on certain matters, it is the style in which they write. In a nutshell, the POV of a work is how/who the reader follows the story with.  For example, in a story written in first-person POV, the reader is listening to the narrator as the tale happens to them.  In third person POV, the narrator is telling the story to the reader, but they are outside of the story.  Each POV has different advantages and disadvantages, many of which will be explained this month from the other bloggers in detail much better than what I can give.

One of my new favorite POVs to write in, and one that is popular today in young adult fiction, is first-person present tense. In this style, the story is happening in real-time to the narrator.  It gives the tale a sense of immediacy and suspense.  You don’t know if the character is going to get out of whatever trouble they are in and it feels like events in the story happen to you as well as the narrator.

When writing, many POV choices are available.  Try them all out and see which one feels best for you.

Happy writing!

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