Book Review: The Institute

by Adam Huddleston


This month’s blog topics involve book reviews.  Instead of giving a comprehensive review on a title that I have finished, I am choosing to give a week-by-week review on a work that I am currently reading.  I have chosen “The Institute” by Stephen King.  

As of now, I have completed the first part “The Night Knocker” and am a few sections into the second part “The Smart Kid”.  Mr. King begins his tale as he does many of his others, which is to say somewhat slowly but with great character development.  He fleshes out the major protagonist in the first part as the character begins a road trip (another King staple).  Even though a bit of time passes, the story moves along at a pace that keeps the Constant Reader interested.  

The main character in “The Smart Kid” is beginning to be developed as well.  The boy prodigy is both interesting and endearing.  As of this writing, he has just arrived at the titular “Institute” and I am looking forward to seeing what adventure awaits.

Happy writing (and reading)!

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