Lynnette Jalufka


‘”I am a warrior! Martin son of Luke! I will live, I will not give in and die up here! Do you hear me, Badrang? I will live to take back my father’s sword and slay you one day!'”


So declares the hero of Brian Jacques’ fantasy novel, Martin the Warrior, as he is tied outside in the pouring rain, awaiting the final phase of his death sentence. It also summarizes the book. Martin is a slave of Badrang the Tryant, who, with the help of new friends, manages to escape. They then take a perilous journey to find an army that will free the rest of the slaves in Badrang’s fortress.  

Like all of Jacques’ Redwall books, it is filled with action, narrow escapes, and riddles. What strikes me the most is the different ways warriors are depicted. Martin fights when needed. Another escaped slave, Felldoh, lets his revenge against Badrang obliterate his common sense. Brome wants to be a warrior like Martin but discovers another way he can help. And then there’s Rose, who Martin describes as “‘the warrior who uses the voice instead of the sword.'” Her words get them out of several jams.

If you like adventure, this book is well worth the read. I highly recommend it.

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