A Sneak Peek 


A Sneak Peek 

By Nandy Ekle

A sneak peek from my story, Halloween Land, to be released later this year as an example of a hook.

8:00 pm

Made it home. I’m in my room now; wine glass on the bedside table and my book is on my lap. And you, dear journal are laying open on the bed next to me so I can document this experience. 

As soon as I walked in the front door, I opened the bottle, slipped into my comfy pajamas, and turned out the lights. I pushed the button on my bedside lamp and propped my pillow up behind me. Rubbing the front cover of Halloween Land, I feel the anticipation stirring the adrenaline in my head. I take a sip of the luxurious Apothic Dark red wine and swallow it down. Now I’m opening the book. 

Before I can even see any words, a breeze blows up from the pages and a faint eerie chuckle floats at me from the spine.  A pair of icy-cold bone-white hands with fingernails sharpened to daggers and painted as black as sin, are reaching out of the pages——


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