Story in a Sentence

Story in a Sentence

Natalie Bright

There’s no better way to discover the “heart” of your book then to summarize the plot into as few of words as possible.

One sentence can explain the main characters, the plot line, and the theme. Now that’s a challenge!

Stripe your story down to the bare bones. Hooks are attention getters to lure readers into your story. You want to generate interest with a promise of adventure. Ensnare the reader. Pull her away from reality.

If writing one sentence is too difficult, perhaps you have more than one story line. Maybe you have multiple plot lines, and need to decide upon the main story and theme.

*Toy Story is about the ‘secret life of toys’ when people are not around.

*Princess Anna, a hopeless optimist, sets off on an epic journey – teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff, his loyal reindeer Sven and a talking snowman named Olaf – to find her beautiful sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped their kingdom in eternal winter.

*After a painful divorce, the author sets out to devote one year to pleasure, prayer and love. (EAT, PRAY, LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert.)

Please share the story in a sentence of your current work in progress.

2 thoughts on “Story in a Sentence

  1. Timely blog, Natalie. I’m in the process now of writing a one line hook for Book 3 of my Men of Legend series. I don’t feel comfortable sharing that right now but here’s one for another I published….A man who’s lost everything that matters opens his heart to a child no one wants and along with a woman who has trouble to spare creates a makeshift family.

    I agree about the difficulty of coming up with one line. I’d rather write the entire book than do this. You almost have to beat me with a stick. Good luck to you with yours!

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