Book Review -The Way I Heard It

The Way I Heard It – Mike Rowe
Book review by Laura Harrison
I was shopping a few days after Christmas and I saw a book on display. Interesting, I thought. Mike Rowe wrote a book? No, must be a ghostwriter I thought. I bought the book thinking to give it to my mother who loves the show “Somebody’s Got To Do It!” (probably a spin-off of Dirty Jobs). I love both shows very entertaining and educational.  A few days later, I began reading the book and I got very excited. This was not a book written by someone who was just trying to be funny.  His writing is almost nerdy, but it isn’t. It’s like a religious writer who relates the Bible story to every day life. It’s not only inspiring, but pragmatic and pedantic. One of my favorite anecdotes in the book is about Roget and the writing of his thesaurus. It’s hard to pick a favorite they are all worth reading. I recommended this book to the librarian at Tascosa High School. He said he also wanted to read it. “Did you know he was an opera singer?” He asked me.  No, I didn’t, but the book mentioned that as well. He’s rubbed elbows with some very interesting celebrities. In one chapter he mentioned Joan Rivers.  I read about his adventures while working with her on QVC. This man has certainly led a very interesting life. I highly recommend this book. And I’ll bet you learn something too!! 🙂  Not sure my mom is getting the book after all…