By Nandy Ekle


When you were a kid, what did you like to read? Some of my favorite books were the “choose your own adventure” books. These stories were little mazes of fun where the writers gave you adventurous scenes which set up choices. When you chose what happened next, you were directed to turn to another page to read that choice and the consequences. If your choice was correct the story continued to the next scene, ending with another choice. If your choice was wrong, the story ended in such a way you knew it couldn’t be right. When that happened you had to retrace your choices and start over.

Well, my good friends and fellow readers/writers, this genre is back for adults. Choose or Die is a blog story written by a group of writers possessing amazing talent. The concept is the same. We write what the readers want to read. A list of story lines was presented with vote buttons. Our readers chose the storyline they wanted and we are writing it before your very eyes. Each week a scene of high adventure is written with the sole purpose of creating three choices at the end. The choices are presented to the readers as vote buttons. So you are actually telling us what happens next in our little yarn.

When the voting is closed, the writers write three new scenes. The first is the choice that got second place in the vote and it will end in death for the main character. The second scene is the choice that won third place, also ending in death. The third scene is the choice that received the most votes, and rest of the story will continue.

And so, my dear friends and followers, surf on over to and join the adventure. The story for this season is titled Blazing Saddles, Smoking Tentacles. The first chapter is up, the first voting is complete and the first second-place choice scene is going up today. The third-place story goes up in a few days and I think you will recognize that author as your friendly neighborhood muse, Nandy Ekle.

See you there.