Big Dreams


Big Dreams

By Nandy Ekle

What do you dream about when you sleep? Do you have fantastical visions of pink and purple grasses and talking trees underneath a turquois moon? Or maybe you dream you’re falling and know you must wake up before you hit the bottom. I once dreamed a scary clown was lying on the floor between my bed and the wall. I woke up when my son cried from another room because zombies were chasing him, but I was afraid to get up because I didn’t want the clown to grab my ankle.

The world of psychology tells us that dreams are our subconscious minds sending us messages. While some of these messages are very easy to understand (dreaming of an accident may cause us to be more cautious during the day), most of them are so cryptic we have a hard time decoding them.

If we wake up and can remember some of what our dream was during the night, that might be a clue that we have the makings of a story. I like to write down things I saw during the night, people I might have met, and feelings I might have had. Somewhere in the hazy illogical world of night vision, an interesting subject or character will appear, and you can fill in whatever blanks you might have and come up with a great tale.

Keep a pencil and paper near your bed so you can write down any parts of a dream as soon as your eyes pop open in the morning before it withers away in the sunlight. Keep a dream diary. Find music that brings back some of the feel of what you dreamed. You’ll have a great story beginning.

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Dreaming the Impossible Dream


Dreaming the Impossible Dream

by Nandy Ekle


This is not a political rave or rant, but I will be talking about the night of the election. We sat in our living room watching the news reports on the television and the computer at the same time. When “the fat lady sang,” we migrated to bed since we had to get up early for work. I lay there for a while with my eyes open, then they closed and I fell asleep. That’s when the adventure began.

Behind my closed eyes a dangerous new character made his presence known. It started with a knock on my front door. When my dream self answered the knock, he pushed the door open, entered my house and began to ransack my living room. As my night wore on, this character continued to wreak havoc.

The next morning I woke up feeling like I had visited another planet. I went to work and tried to do my job efficiently, but the new character stayed in my head all day. He had messed up my night and was now effecting my day.

When I got home I grabbed my computer and began to write. I had the beginning of a story that I started, but then it went nowhere. My new character fit perfectly in this story.

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