Do You Remember

Outtakes 79

 Do You Remember

By Cait Collins


My older sister lives in Wichita Falls, Texas, and the other five of us are in Amarillo. Last Friday Beverly, Karan, and I went to visit and celebrate Marilyn’s birthday. I told the girls I am working on a series of short stories about growing up as a baby boomer. I needed their help. I remember being a kid, but I wanted their perspective. Their their recollections would add dimension to my short stories. I began asking questions about the different schools we attended, the kids who were part of our circle, family, and how Marilyn murdered my pet snake.

I scribbled notes as we talked and laughed. I did not write much as the key words and names triggered so many memories. Fishing with Dad, picking wild blueberries; Mom making pies and muffins, the crab apple fight, “Hello Mother, Hello Father,” Amarillo High School, Charlie, Donnie, penny candy, the dining room table, and more filled the pages. I can write so much from just a few notes.

Do you remember your first Whopper at Burger King and McDonald’s golden arches? What about RC cola and moon pies? Did you go to Saturday matinees? Did you cry when Old Yeller died? Where were you when you heard President Kennedy had been assassinated? Who was your first date? We all have memories of growing up. Some are funny, some sad, and a number of them make us shake our heads and wonder how we survived. The events, the people, the laughter, and the tears made us who we are today. They provide a history of our times. While our names may never find their way in to the history books, they are recorded in school records, business documents, and newspaper reports. Each of us should celebrate who we are and from where we came. Take the time to share memories with those you love. Ask, “do you remember?” Write the events, or record them. Your children and their children will thank you.