Writing Z’s

Writing Z’s

By Nandy Ekle

Sitting in my usual spot on the couch, I stared at the blank screen with my fingers hovering over the keyboard. C’mon, words. Let’s get this going. Still, no letters appeared. I looked at the show playing on the TV. I couldn’t even concentrate on that. My cross-stitch project sat next to me untouched. Even my dinner had not inspired me.

Suddenly I blinked. I had fallen asleep again and been that way for an undetermined amount of time. I yawned, stretched my fingers and cracked my one crackable knuckle. Okay. I’m awake. Let’s write something.

Once again I stared at the blank computer screen demanding words to jump from my head to the keyboard. A sweet stillness covered me and I rode it like a wave of comfort, not thinking, not moving, only darkness and ease.

I heard a strange noise as I snored and immediately my eyes opened again. Still no words on the screen. Anger flashed through me because where I had been was so comforting and I wanted to go back.

But I had writing to do. I stared at the blank computer, the opened soda next to me, the idle craft kit on the table. In my mind I walked the hall of my mental dictionary and realized all the doors were shut tight, even barred.

There would be no words tonight. Not even a tiny “the.”

Wondering why I was torturing myself when I really should be in bed, I snapped the lid of my computer closed and stood up. I didn’t want to move too quickly because then I wouldn’t sleep when I found my pillow. I would only fume that I was in bed wide-awake when I had been sleeping so soundly on the couch.

The sandman had his way with me and the next thing I knew, a story was playing out on my internal television. Details are gone, but the situation, a few faces and an incredible atmosphere remain.

Sometimes you just need to go to bed and sleep.

Congratulations. You have just received a post card from the muse.




I love scary stories. I love to watch them, hear them, read them. The best way to enjoy a scary story is to turn the lights down, maybe light some candles, and have a huge bowl of popcorn, or m&m’s. Curl up on the couch reading my book or cuddled up with my honey watching a movie.

Believe it or not, I also love to write scary stories. Doesn’t matter how my story starts, it always ends up on the dark side. And there is also a great way to get in the mood for that kind of writing.

Pull a chair up to the desk with just you and the computer. Turn off the lights and turn on some quiet music. Light some candles and let your imagination run amuck. The fun will begin.

Every genre has its own atmosphere. If you write romance, you might want flowers and love songs. If you write science fiction, you might want cerebral music and stars shining on the ceiling. If you write mystery, you might want a fog machine and a trench coat. Western writers might want hay and a cowboy hat in their writing space.

The point is, your writing space should be planned and arranged to create the perfect writing space that inspires your words to flow onto the paper.

Congratulations. You have just received a post card from the muse.

Nandy Ekle