Holiday Thoughts

Outtakes 265

Holiday Thoughts

By Cait Collins


My new work Three by Three is coming along. I discovered a relationship I had not originally intended, and it opens up new possibilities. But as the holidays approach, I turn my thoughts to family, friends, and Christmas shopping. Books, real books, are always on my list.

This is a sampling of recent and upcoming releases.

Barry Eisler                            Livia Lone (also check out his John Rain series)

Carla Neggers                       A Knights Bridge Christmas and Liar’s Key

Sharon Sala                           Family Sins

Lindsay McKenna                  Wind River Wrangler

Lee Child                               Jack Reacher Night School

Anne Perry                             Murder on the Serpentine

Craig Johnson                        An Obvious Fact

Robyn Carr                             The Life She Wants

Rick Riordan                           Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard The Hammer of Thor

Debbie Macomber                  Twelve Days of Christmas

Jodi Thomas                           Lone Heart Pass and Sunrise Crossing

Charles M. Schulz                  Snoopy to the Rescue A Peanuts Collection

Happy reading and gift giving.


Summer Reading

Outtakes 246

Summer Reading

By Cait Collins


Summer is upon us and it’s time to think about vacations and hours by the pool. Question is, what do you plan to read during the down time? Here are some suggestions.

Good For The Money                                                            Bob Benmosche

The Obsession                                                            Nora Roberts

The Highway Man                                                     Craig Johnson

What We Find                                                             Robyn Carr

The Trials of Apollo The Hidden Oracle                   Rick Riordan

Dark Hearts                                                                Sharon Sala

Lone Heart Pass                                                          Jodi Thomas

God’s Eye View                                                         Barry Eisler

Legends & Lies: The Patriots                                    Bill O’Reilly

15TH Affair (Women’s Murder Club)                         James Patterson

Coming Soon

Bay of Sighs Book Two of the Guardian’s Trilogy   Nora Roberts              June 14, 2016

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child                             J. K. Rowling             July 31, 2016

DragonMark                                                               Sherrilyn Kenyon       August 2, 2016 (Original Pub. Date)

Grab a book and enjoy your summer.


Thinking Too Much

Outtakes 212

Thinking Too Much

by Cait Collins

I believe certain aspects of a work should be researched. Historical facts need to be checked, and laws, procedures, and medical information must be accurate. However, too much technical jargon can slow the story and frustrate the reader. Barry Eisler writes some of the best thrillers. He uses a perfect marriage of a fast action story, memorable characters and spy-speak. He relies on good story telling instead of clocking the action in technicalities. There are other very popular writers who overwhelm me with their expert knowledge.

It’s not just technical over-thinking that can hinder a project. Back story and excessive description are also enemies of good story telling. The reader does not need nor does he want to know the whole story up front. And who wants to wade through three pages describing the sunrise or fly fishing in a mountain stream.

The old KISS philosophy works well when planning a story. Keep It Simple, Stupid. (Stupid references the writer, not the reader.) By adhering to good plot, dynamic characters, and proper setting, the story can be told well. Those fascinating details will season and spice the work when they are properly and sparingly sprinkled into the mix.