By Natalie Bright

To start your New Year of writing, I ran across this list of story fundamentals.

  • memorable characters
  • a theme that entertains & enlightens
  • conflict
  • structure – beginning and middle and end
  • point of view
  • plot
  • resolution, great ending, satisfying

During January, WordsmithSix members will meet to work on our goals list for the next year. Hope you have a wonderful and productive 2015!

Natalie Bright

Long Sentences

Long Sentences

I write long sentences. I usually weave them through a story, bobbing in and out, up and down causing the reader to run out of breath. However, not all long sentences are bad. I have to remember that after long extended sentences, I need to sprinkle in a few that are short. I need to use some of medium length to fill in thoughts.

Keep changing the length and rhythm of your word combinations by adding varied length questions. Use one-word phrases or expressions when possible. This will keep the reader from becoming exhausted, or board with your writing. The End.

Rory C. Keel